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ILTT of North America



Our U.S. based JV partner, ILTT of North America Inc., is headquartered in San Francisco California and has a mission to be the most professional logistics, warehousing, distribution and duty free supply operator in the United States. We will focus our passion every day on providing excellent service to our retail customers and to our duty free partners. Our focus will also be on supplying the best product brands to our duty free customers who will depend on us as they seek to continue to increase their consumer base in a market that is both very competitive and time sensitive as travelers move quickly through airports.


ILTT of North America aims to be consistently rated the number one ACDBE certified Duty Free logistics, warehousing, distribution and duty free supply operator in the U.S. by our customers and by our airport retail operation clients. Whenever people travel either on business or on personal leisure, we want our duty free products to be the most consumed and the most desirable. Our focus is also on supplying world class brand products to our airport retail operation customers.


We are both passionate and courageous in our pursuit of the opportunities that lie ahead for our business model. We care about our customers’ needs and motivations and strive to build the strongest and most enduring relationships in the wholesale supply industry. We set high standards and then exceed them and we celebrate our successes. We value our team members and aim to develop our talent from within to build a team that reflects the rich diversity in the markets that we will serve. By celebrating and inspiring everyone as individuals, we create mutually fulfilling relationships and partnerships.


Marvin Bon is the owner of ILTT of North America. Marvin has over 35 years of experience in the wholesale supply industry and in cost and acquisition management for the government and commercial sector. In addition, he has also conducted financial management and cost analysis in the food industry and for U.S. Department of Defense space programs. He also served for 14 years as the President of a seafood products distribution company. In this role, he was responsible for the overall operation of the company and for production output of the company’s main distribution facility. His primary duties included managing plant activities on a day-to-day basis; cost control and analysis; sourcing raw materials; and logistics management. As President of ILTT of North America, he is responsible for the overall operations of the company and for building its business base. He is chiefly responsible for product selection, delivery, quality control, presentation, and management. Primary duties include managing activities on a day-to-day basis; cost control and analysis; and supply management. This includes pricing, bid submission, product acquisition/sourcing, packaging and labeling and customer billing.


ILTT of North America will focus on supplying only the highest quality products to our clients who are airport duty free retail operators. At the top of our list of wholesale products are perfumes and cosmetics because this is a booming product sector at duty free shops and remain the must have category for consumers at airports with a 17% growth in recent years. Confectionary and Fine Food is also the new sales growth driver as this category also continues to experience tremendous growth in recent years at airport duty free retail outlets. ILTT of North America will supply both useful and needy high quality products for airport travelers including:

  • Perfumes, Cosmetics
  • Confectionary Treats/Fine Food/Candy/Snack
  • Toiletries
  • Bottled water and energy drinks
  • Fashions and Accessories
  • Souvenir Gifts
  • Sunglasses
  • Newspapers/Books
  • Jewelry, electronics
  • Luggage
  • Toys
  • Stationary materials


I. The keen knowledge and over three decades of international wholesale supply business experience of our owner and operator.
II. The high quality of our products and brands combined with the professionalism of our efficient logistics and supply operation which will be the highest standard in the duty free industry.

The quality and professionalism of any organization begins at the top of its leadership chain. Our owner, Marvin Bon, who is of Asian Pacific descent, has over 35 years of wholesale supply business experience including having served for 14 years as the President of a seafood products supply company with both domestic and international clients. We are also confident that we will consistently identify and secure the right retail operation partners who have a stellar reputation in the airport duty free industry for supplying top notch service and brands to the traveling consumer market.


Marvin Bon, Owner
Phone: 310-962-7631
Email: mbon007@yahoo.com