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Open your world with Heineken, the most premium international beer brand in the world that is available in over 170 countries. Heineken has long-running partnerships with sports, music and film to be present when memories are made and conversations are being had. It has been a long-standing sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, a global, premier sporting event as well as the Rugby Worldcup and the US Open. In 2012, it extended its 15-year partnership with the iconic ‘Bond’ brand and sponsors music festivals and events. Heineken is recognised for its exemplary design and for breaking new ground in its approach to marketing with sustainability as one of its main priorities as is evident in their ‘Brewing a Better World Programme’.

Wherever you go it’s always nice to see something you recognise; the green bottle, the red star and the smiling ‘e’, telling you instantly what’s inside: cold, fresh, quality Heineken enjoyed around the world since 1873. This crisp, metallic gold lager is made from the purest ingredients – 100% barley malt; choice hops and pure water and promises nothing but the most invigorating experience.

For more information please visit: www.heineken.com