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When Carolus Nolet Snr first envisioned Ketel One Vodka, it was a unique, high-quality spirit for the modern palate. And with a crispness, clarity and silky softness all of its own, you could be forgiven for thinking Ketel One Vodka is purely a feat of modern liquid engineering. But at its heart is the unique combination of traditional copper pot stills and modern distilling techniques. Not to mention over 300 years of Nolet distilling expertise.

Since 1691, the Nolet family has meticulously crafted spirits using traditional techniques and the finest ingredients.

It’s the Nolet family name and reputation, so a Nolet still approves every production run before bottling, signing their name to guarantee Ketel One Vodka’s signature crisp quality.

Once bottled, Ketel One Vodka is yours to savour. Enjoy over ice, in your favorite cocktail.

For more information please visit: www.ketelone.com | Kettle One Overview