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The Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortéz, who we honor with this product, was the first to foresee the strategic importance of the Panamanian Isthmus, communicating to Carlos V- King of Spain in the year 1524 – the value of the union of the Atlantic Ocean and the South Sea; this was achieved almost 400 years later with the construction of the Panama Canal. From those times, Panama has been a location of transit, commerce and mixture of race and culture.

Ron Cortez Blanco, is a clear rum, extraordinarily soft and light. Its subtle aroma and delicate flavor mix well with coca cola, tonic water, club soda and tropical fruit juices.

Ron Cortez Oro, is a very well balanced golden rum. Its exquisite aroma and delicate flavor mix well with all types of cocktails.

Ron Cortez Añejo, is an amber colored rum with an exquisite flavor and a refined aroma. It is ideal for drinking in a cognac glass or on the rocks.

Ron Cortez Spiced.